Philippe Guérin - Painter, architect, teacher

Born in 1952, lives and works mainly in France.


Considering his training as an architect, his career as a painter and his experience with live arts, he is developing through his commitment as an artist and teacher, some researches which attempted to define theoretical

and practical connections between classical, modern and contemporary aspects.


University degrees and diplomas

2019 – PhD in Art - visual arts, UNISTRA – ED.520 – Ecole Doctorale des Humanités, Strasbourg.

Title: Classic resurgence in contemporary painting: The filter of modernity.

Supervisor : Daniel Payot, philosopher,

EA 3402 – Approches contemporaines de la création et de la réflexion artistique (ACCRA).

1976 - Architecte D.E.S.A., École Spéciale d’Architecture, Paris.

Title: Dream and architecture ; subtitle: relationships maintained between painting and architecture.

Supervisor: Jacques Couëlle, architect, member of the Academy of

beaux-arts of the Institut of France


Solo exhibitions

2012 - Peindre et dépeindre, Emeric Hahn Gallery, Paris, France
2011 - Painting : Alive!  Sichuan Museum, with Zhang Xiuzhu, Chengdu, China

2009 - Emeric Hahn Gallery, Paris, France

2008 - Théâtre de la cité Internationale, Paris, France

2006 - Tina Kron & Michael Winterhagen Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2002 - Contemporary Art Museum, Brussels Free University, Brussels, Belgium

1996 - Art & Parimoine Gallery, Paris, France

1993 - Tête à têtes, Art & Parimoine Gallery, Paris, France

1992 - Quand les mythes se croisent, Château de Champs sur Marne, France

1989 - Contemporary Art Museum, Brussels Free University, Brussels, Belgium

1987 - "Designer Saturday", Unifor Space, Paris, France 

1986 - Hôtel de saint Aignan, Paris, France

1983 - Saint-Maur Museum, La Varenne

1982 - Agora Gallery, Paris

1981 - Il Luogo Gallery, Rome, Italy

1979 - Grégoriana Gallery, Rome, Italy



Group exhibitions

1998 - Jeu de genres, Espace Electra, Paris, France

1993 - Identification, ULB, Rétrospective de la Collection du Musée, Bruxelles, Belgium 

1987 - Salon de Montrouge, France

1986 - Galerie Detour, Namur, Belgium

1985 - Salon de Montrouge, France 

1985 - Matière A 1ère, Deuil la Barre, France 

1985 - Matière A 2ème, Paris, France 

1985 - Salon de Montrouge, France



Public collections

2011 – Sichuan Museum, Chengdu, China

2002 - Contemporary Art Museum de l'ULB, Bruxelles, Belgium

1997 - Ville de Paris Museum, France

1995 - CUCL, University of Limoges, France

1996 - FRAC Ile de France

1983 - Saint Maur Museum, La Varenne, France




2010 - Showroom project, Large polyptych, Fabre & Speller and Chang Shoupeng architects, Beijing, China

2000 - University of Limoges Hall, Painting, 234 Group, Bolze & Rodriguez Architects, Limoges, France

1993 - Revitalizing the green spots of heavily inhabited area, Monumental sculpture, Red cedar and galvanized steel, LOGIAL, Alfortville, France

1991 - Police station,  Sculpture made of punctured ALUMINUM, Gaillard & Sanyas Architects,Brétigny sur Orge, France

1988 - Kindergarten School, Painting and tapestry made of a printed plastic film, Yves Grange architect, Saint Rambert d’Albon, France




2000 - La comédie de l’innocence, Paintings for the set designs, Raoul Ruiz Cineaste, Paris, France




2007 - Interaction for a Dance & drawing workshop with the choreograph Paco Dècina, Faculté d’Orsay, France

2006 - Interaction for a Dance & drawing workshop with the choreograph Paco Dècina, Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris, France

2005 - Interaction for a Dance & drawing workshop with the choreograph Emmanuelle Vo-Dinhn, Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris, France



2017 – « Hybridations confondues », in Kaleidoscopic city, C. Mazzoni, L. Fan, Y. Liu, Shanghai, published by La Commune, Paris

2011 – The depth of the surface, 2010 workshop’s catalogue,

Nanjing Architecture School,, published by Southeast University, China

2011 – Painting: Alive! A collateral approach with works by Philippe Guérin and Zhang Xiuzhu, textes byOlivia Sand, Bernard Goy, Jean Attali, Claude Barraud, (English, Chinese, French), Alliance Idéart & Chengdu

Zhongmiao culture & art Co. Ltd., Chengdu, China

2006 – « Le Corps à l’édifice », in Repères de danse , n°18, published by Chorégraphic Development Center and Danse’s Biennale of Val de Marne, France, p. 16 et 18.

1998 – « Tête à têtes », in catalogue Jeux de genres, Paris-Musées, published by Musées de la Ville de Paris, p. 130 et 131.

1996 – Bernard Goy, Article et interview, Catalogue published by Art

& Patrimoine, Gallery, Paris.

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1990 – Identification, Rétrospective, Catalogue published by ULB, Bruxelles

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1983 – « A point in space », Catalogue published by Saint Maur Museum.

1983 – Mémoire d’eau, Salah Al Hamdani, Drawings by Philippe Guérin, published by Caractères, Paris.

1982 – Psychoanalysis of image’s arts / Seminar at

Cerisy (in 1980), published by Clancier-Guenaud, Paris, p. 213 et 214.